Compare Vitaly-TEA® to Essiac®

Take a minute to learn how Vitaly-TEA® compares with more famous Essiac® and Flor Essence® brands*


1. Compare brand Features:




Flor Essence®

Contains genuine Burdock
Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Sheep Sorrel, Turkish Rhubarb Root

True to
4-Herb Ojibwa Indian Formula?


Manufacturing process meets
rigorous USP, cGMP, FDA, and international standards?

Company will ship directly to your home?

Company offers a
60-Day Money Back Guarantee?

** Flor Essence® formula contains additional ingredients.


Vitaly-TEA’s manufacturing process meets rigorous national and international standards.  This is only one part of our commitment to providing our customers with a product of the highest quality. If any product we sell falls beneath the strict parameters – it is discarded, no exceptions!
2. Compare the Retail Price & Quantity Per Bottle:

Not only can we offer the Ojibwa 4-herb formula at a lower price – we have nearly THREE TIMES the amount of liquid tea in our bottles (32 oz. versus Essiac® at 10.14 fl oz. or almost TWICE as much as Flor Essence® at 17 fl oz.).
3. Compare the Cost Per Ounce:

 A lower cost does NOT mean we cut corners!  The quality of our ingredients are equal to (and we would argue – better than) our more expensive competitors.  Our more famous competitors charge you more because they are advertised nationally and they are also distributed through a costly distribution network (i.e. middlemen).  Health+Plus Corporation is unique in that we can sell directly to you via this website and thus pass the substantial advertising and distribution savings on to you.
4. Compare the Monthly Cost (based on 2 oz. consumed per day):

The monthly cost figure was based on 60 oz. consumption per month (2 oz. per day, multiplied by 30 days).  60 oz. monthly consumption amount was then multiplied by the cost per ounce for each brand established in #3 above.
*Retail prices were based on an price survey for LIQUID FORMAT (not dry) tea done 8/2015.  Cost per ounce was calculated by dividing the retail cost by the number of fluid ounces in each bottle.  Flor Essence® cost was based on 17 oz. bottle retailing for $30.35.  Essiac® cost was  based on 10.14 fl oz. bottle retailing for $32.00.  Vitaly-Tea cost was based on 32oz. bottle retailing for $34.00.  Shipping and handling costs are not included in these calculations.
Vitaly-TEA® is a registered trademark of Health+Plus Corporation. Essiac® is a registered trademark of the Resperin Corporation. Flor Essence® is a registered trademark of Flora, Inc
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Compare Vitaly-TEA® with Essiac® and Flor Essence®brands. Vitaly-TEA®’s undisputed herb quality, true-to- historical Ojibwa formula and lower cost are responsible for our growing popularity. Health+Plus ensures its customers satisfaction with Vitaly-TEA® by giving a 60-day Money Back, 100% satisfaction guaranteeand “4-day or quicker” delivery anywhere in the USA.


Vitaly-TEA Travel goes where our larger bottles can’t. In a purse, suitcase, backpack, office desk drawer, carry-on baggage… Vitaly-TEA Travel is a special “tincture” version of our regular Vitaly-TEA and does not require refrigeration after opening.
Vitalitea is now Vitaly-TEA® (click for name change details)
Each and every Vitaly-TEA® order comes with an informative Vitaly-TEA® product brochure and helpful product preparation and usage instructions.
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