Convenience Factor

Ready-made, liquid Vitaly-TEA®is much more convenient than “brewing your own”

Vitaly-TEA® has a distinct convenience advantage over dry herb teas.

Consider the “Convenience Factor”:

Since Vitaly-TEA does not require separate brewing (often a lengthy, time consuming preparation sequence for dry format products) – the hassle and time it takes to prepare our tea is gone!
Vitaly-TEA customers prefer to store one (1) quart in their refrigerator versus three quarts to a gallon of Essiac® or Flor Essence® brands. Other “Dry” format essiac style teas which must first be brewed, also may have to be refrigerated in larger quantities than one quart.


Vitaly-TEA® is a trademark of Health+Plus Corporation. Essiac® is a registered trademark of the Resperin Corporation. Flor Essence® is a registered trademark of Flora Inc.