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What our customers think about Vitaly-TEA



I believe Vitaly-TEA® has played a major role in my successful journey back to better health and energy.
K. Snow

Lomita, California

Living in a remote area, I searched high and low on the internet for a reliable supplier of ready made essiac tea. After a few disappointments, I am very pleased to now be using Vitaly-TEA. It is an excellent product and they get my order to me without delay.
C. Evans

Camby, Indiana

I received my first order of Vitaly-TEA today. I had to try it to find out for myself whether to lay my “Flor Essence” aside, or your product Vitaly-TEA®. The Flor Essence is much leaner in texture and body compared to your Vitaly-TEA®, therefore, I’ve already laid the “Essiac” back and away as long as I can use your Vitaly-TEA®.
R. Reister

Hamilton, Ohio

I prefer Vitaly-TEA to brewing my own essiac recipe. Your product is top notch and the ready-made convenience is a major plus for me.
S. Young

Las Vegas, Nevada

I had been buying Flor Essence for years. I think Vitaly-TEA to be just as good but at a much more affordable price. You are also very good at getting me my orders quickly.
E. Post

Indianapolis, IN

Try it and you be the judge. To me it’s a daily product I can’t live without.
S. Wong

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

I think it’s nature’s ultimate detoxifier!
G. Carter

Congress, Arizona

Thank you for a pleasant online transaction. The order arrived sooner than I had believed.
R. Henderson

Los Angeles, CA

If you wanted to know that I had received the ABM second shipment – yes, I did some days ago. Everything has gone perfectly and I am happy with the results.
D. M. Galvan

Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain

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Vitaly-TEA® is a liquid tea containing pure de-ionized, distilled water and four organically grown herbs.

Health+Plus’s Vitaly-TEA® is a 32 fl. oz. herbal detoxifying concentrate that compares with better known Essiac® and Flor Essence® brands. Quality, customer satisfaction, already brewed convenience, lower price and excellent customer service are responsible for Vitaly-TEA®’s growing popularity.

For full details on the herbs in Vitaly-TEA®, please check out the links found on the top of every page on our website. Vitaly-TEA® is manufactured in a regulated and monitored facility ensuring the highest quality and safety standards available. No herb substitutes are ever added. Health+Plus honors a 60-day money back, satisfaction guarantee.

Users of Vitaly-TEA® mix 1oz. of Vitaly-TEA® with 2oz. of hot distilled water and sip like a tea. Each bottle of Vitaly-TEA® contains 32oz. of Vitaly-TEA® and lasts about a month with regular use. (more prep info)

A bottle of Vitaly-TEA® costs $26.00 USD plus shipping (go to order page).

Vitaly-TEA® is a registered trademark of Health+Plus Corporation. Essiac® is a registered trademark of the Resperin Corporation. Flor Essence® is a registered trademark of Flora, Inc
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Compare Vitaly-TEA® with Essiac® and Flor Essence®brands. Vitaly-TEA®’s undisputed herb quality, true-to- historical Ojibwa formula and lower cost are responsible for our growing popularity. Health+Plus ensures its customers satisfaction with Vitaly-TEA® by giving a 60-day Money Back, 100% satisfaction guarantee and “4-day or quicker” delivery anywhere in the USA.
Vitaly-TEA Travel goes where our larger bottles can’t. In a purse, suitcase, backpack, office desk drawer, carry-on baggage… Vitaly-TEA Travel is a special “tincture” version of our regular Vitaly-TEA and does not require refrigeration after opening.
Vitalitea is now Vitaly-TEA® (click for name change details)
Each and every Vitaly-TEA® order comes with an informative Vitaly-TEA® product brochure and helpful product preparation and usage instructions.
Disclaimer: Health+Plus Corporation does not make any claims, represented or otherwise implied, as to its products having medicinal benefits or value. We are not authorized and are strictly prohibited from making any diagnostic medical claims or guarantees, drug claims, or prescribe Health+Plus Corporation products to treat any disease or condition. Descriptions on this page, although believed to be accurate, are for informative purposes only and may not necessarily represent the opinion of Health+Plus Corporation.