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Health+Plus is the manufacturer and distributor of Vitaly-TEA®, a remarkable and ancient Ojibwa Indian tea formula.

Vitaly-TEA® (pronounced the same as “Vitality“) is a liquid tea containing pure distilled, de-ionized water and four organically grown herbs.

  • Compare Vitaly-TEA® to Essiac® and Flor Essence®.
    Since 1995, we have sold Vitaly-TEA® to thousands of former essiac tea drinkers.  Many of our customers become lifetime customers because they prefer Vitaly-TEA® over other essiac-type tea brands. (see product comparison)
  • Vitaly-TEA contains genuine Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Sheep Sorrel & Turkish Rhubarb Root.
  • The Highest Quality.  Vitaly-TEA’s manufacturing process meets rigorous USP, cGMP, FDA, and international standards.  This is only one part of our commitment to providing our customers with a product of the highest quality. If any product we sell falls beneath the strict parameters – it is discarded, no exceptions!
  • Value. (as low as $18/bottle).  Without sacrificing herb composition or quality  – Vitaly-TEA costs less per ounce than other nationally advertised brands.
  • Ready-Made Convenience. Customers have told us that they switched to “ready to use” liquid format Vitaly-TEA® because of the substantial time and effort it took to assemble all the needed supplies to make their own essiac-style formula. (see “Convenience Factor”)
  • Time Tested.  Proven.   Since 1995, we have earned thousands of satisfied, happy customers located in every state in the USA (and many others located around the world).
  • Quick Delivery via UPS or USPS.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.  Most orders from our web site WILL SHIP THE SAME DAY (if ordered before 3pm EST).  Ninety-eight percent of our orders are delivered to our customers homes in just 2 to 5 DAYS.
  • 60 Day Money Back, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Our confidence in our product is why we offer our no hassle, no worries guarantee. (see guarantee)

Vitaly-TEA® Travel NEW! Vitaly-TEA® Travel goes where our larger bottles can’t!  In a purse, suitcase, backpack, desk drawer, carry-on baggage… Vitaly-TEA Travel is a special “tincture” version of our regular Vitaly-TEAand does not require refrigeration! Info & Buy.

Disclaimer: Health+Plus Corporation does not make any claims, represented or otherwise implied, as to its products having medicinal benefits or value. We are not authorized and are strictly prohibited from making any diagnostic medical claims or guarantees, drug claims, or prescribe Health+Plus Corporation products to treat any disease or condition.

Product Comparasion

We think you’ll find Vitaly-TEA to be one of the best values in a ready made essiac-style tea found anywhere… see our product comparison.


32oz. (946 ml.)
$34.00 USD/each*
Buy 4 save $2 per bottle
Buy 12 save $4 per bottle
*shipping extra


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