How to Prepare Vitaly-TEA

Preparing Vitaly-TEA® is easy!
Just follow these 3 steps…

Pour 2oz. of distilled water (for regular use) into a stainless steel or glass pot. Many people find it convenient to use a “shot glass” to measure. Bring the distilled water to a hot temperature (do not boil).
While distilled water is heating, pour 1oz. (or appropriate amount) of Vitaly-TEA® into a tea cup, or coffee mug. You have opened the bottle of Vitaly-TEA®, and you will need to refrigerate it from now on.
Now that the distilled water is hot but not yet boiling, pour it into the tea cup or coffee mug containing the Vitaly-TEA®. Stir with a clean spoon and drink it without adding anything.

Method of Use/Dosage

Preventative or Tonic (Regular Use):

1st to 2nd Week Inclusive: 1oz. twice daily
3rd…..4th Week Inclusive: 1oz. daily

Maintenance Schedule:

After first month, reduce to 3-4 times per week.

Extra Strength:

1st to 4th Week Inclusive: 2oz. three times daily
5th….8th Week Inclusive: 1oz. twice daily

Maximum Strength:

1st to 3rd Week Inclusive: 2oz. three times daily
4th….6th Week Inclusive: 2oz. twice daily
7th….8th Week Inclusive: 1.5oz. twice daily
9th…10th Week Inclusive: 1oz. twice daily. Then go back to maintenance schedule.


Important Preparation Tips:

  • Take Vitaly-TEA® on an empty stomach. Either one hour before eating, or two to three hours after eating.
  • You will find distilled water at most grocery stores and supermarkets. Distilled water is different from “Spring” water. Always use distilled water. Try to find a brand that comes in a large bottle with a spout. You can tip the bottle on its side and use the spout conveniently everyday.
  • It is not recommended that you heat the distilled water in a microwave oven or an electric kettle. Many believe microwave heat could alter the tea’s potential. A kettle contains hard water deposits and could contaminate your tea.
  • Do not add milk, cream, sugar or sweeteners to your Vitaly-TEA®. A foreign ingredient may alter the effectiveness of the tea.
Q: Why should I use "hot" distilled water when I make a serving of Vitaly-TEA®?
Distilled water is pure, uncontaminated water. Hard water, “Well water”, and impure “tap” water (chlorine, contaminated etc.) may lessen the effect and potential of Vitaly-TEA®. To get the most benefit from Vitaly-TEA®, we recommend using distilled water. When you heat the distilled water up (do not boil), you bring it closer to “body temperature” and thus give the tea a greater chance to enter the body’s system quicker.
Q: Why should I take Vitaly-TEA® on an empty stomach?
With an “empty stomach”, you will give Vitaly-TEA® a greater chance to fully absorb and assimilate throughout your body. Your body’s system will be able to concentrate on digesting Vitaly-TEA® without competition from other food.
Q: OK, nobody’s perfect! Is it OK if I sway from the recommended method of use from time to time (i.e. eating right after taking Vitaly-TEA®, using tap water instead of distilled water, etc.)?
The keyword here is “try”. Try and follow the recommended method for preparation and usage as much as possible. When “life” gets in the way that’s OK – as long as we try to follow the recommended method as much as possible.
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