Why we don’t call Vitaly-TEA® "Essiac®"

Simply put, essiac is a brand name and a registered trademark”. Legally, this means that another company (other than ours) owns the sole rights to the name ESSIAC®. That’s why you’ll find the little “R” with the circle around it after most written references to Essiac®…

…As a consumer, you probably know that there are many “brand names” or “trademark names” of certain consumer items. Different brands of soda pop can be called “Coke”, “Pepsi” or “RC-Cola” and each brand name is appropriately “trademarked” (a process handled at the “Trademark and Patent Office” of the applicable country to which the trademark applies). Furthermore, a television set can be a “Sony”, “RCA” or “Panasonic”. When there are different “Brands” and “trademarks” – the consumer has a choice of which brand they might prefer to buy.

This of course, doesn’t mean that one soda is “the real thing” and all others are imposters. It’s just plain marketing savvy that would want you to think one is “real” and all others “imposters”, “counterfeits” or whatever. Many prefer “Pepsi” over “Coke”. “Panasonic” over “Sony”.

Vitaly-TEA® (pronounced the same as “{gspeech}Vitality{/gspeech}”) claims its roots as an Ojibwa formula. We do not lead the consumer to believe that Vitaly-TEA® is Essiac®. Essiac® is a separate and completely non-associated “brand” to which we ask the consumer to compare Vitaly-TEA®’s striking similarities with Essiac® brand (minus perhaps, Vitaly-TEA®’s lower cost.

Regardless of what certain companies may want you to believe, Vitaly-TEA® is in no way an “imposter” or “counterfeit” product. The four herbs contained in Vitaly-TEA® are exactly what we have researched to be found in the original Ojibwa tea (we NEVER substitute herbs!)

Vitaly-TEA® is true to the Original Ojibwa formula. Which, if you do your “homework”, you’ll find it was the original “trademarked brand” from nature itself.

It’s just that simple.

Vitaly-TEA® is a registered trademark of Health+Plus Corporation. Essiac® is a registered trademark of the Resperin Corporation. Flor Essence® is a registered trademark of Flora, Inc
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Compare Vitaly-TEA® with Essiac® and Flor Essence®brands. Vitaly-TEA®’s undisputed herb quality, true-to- historical Ojibwa formula and lower cost are responsible for our growing popularity. Health+Plus ensures its customers satisfaction with Vitaly-TEA® by giving a 60-day Money Back, 100% satisfaction guaranteeand “4-day or quicker” delivery anywhere in the USA.


Vitaly-TEA Travel goes where our larger bottles can’t. In a purse, suitcase, backpack, office desk drawer, carry-on baggage… Vitaly-TEA Travel is a special “tincture” version of our regular Vitaly-TEA and does not require refrigeration after opening.
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